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The Law and Logic of Armed Self Defense
Pre-registration Required
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Title: The Law and Logic of Armed Self Defense
Pre-registration Required
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Description: The Law and Logic of Armed Self Defense
Pre-registration Required
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Firearms Instructor

Simply getting a concealed carry license doesn't prepare you for using a gun in self defense. Knowing how to shoot isn’t enough. The question is WHETHER TO SHOOT. You are responsible for the answer to this question.
IS THIS A CHL CLASS? Yes, but it’s also a “graduate course” for CHL holders.
WHAT IF I ALREADY HAVE MY CHL? This is a “graduate course” for CHL holders. After you got your CHL, did you really think that was enough training to make you and those you love SAFE? This course will help you establish a defensive mindset that you can actually use in real life. You will learn:
- The three survival secrets no other CHL course will tell you
- Shoot/don’t shoot decisions which can send you to jail, or save you from it
- What if’s (scenarios using legal principles)
- What to do after a shooting
- Your individual concerns
Would you get a driver's license without learning the rules of the road? Of course not, nor would you get a concealed carry license without understanding the legal "rules of the road" for deadly force. This is a "must have" course for anyone who has a gun or who is thinking of buying one for self defense. Instructor is a lawyer, police trainer and combat veteran. Three hours, $65. Get your Oregon Concealed Handgun License training certificate for an additional $35. Topics:
TO REGISTER: Send an e-mail to firearmsinstructor1@gmail.com. Say that you want the Law and Logic course on this date. You will receive an e-invoice which you can pay on line to register and reserve your place. After you register, we will send you instructions and directions.