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From Fundamentals to Fighting Skills
Pre-registration Required
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Title: From Fundamentals to Fighting Skills
Pre-registration Required
Bay 3
Description: From Fundamentals to Fighting Skills
Pre-registration Required
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Firearms Instructor

LIVE-FIRE TRANSITION COURSE - Combat shooting skills for new and experienced handgun shooters. Instructor is a police trainer and combat veteran.
Start with five fundamental gun handling and marksmanship skills taught at the Police Academy, plus two marksmanship secrets guaranteed to improve accuracy, then transition into basic defensive fighting skills.
In the Fundamentals segment of this class you’ll learn the inside details of handgun shooting technique, plus two secrets that will improve your accuracy by 100%. No pressure, just technique. New and experienced shooters alike are amazed at what they didn't know, and how this class improved their accuracy and gun handling skills.
When we transition into the Fighting Skills segment of the class you’ll learn three very important basic tactical survival skills, while you utilize the building block techniques implanted with the fundamentals. You won't leave the range as a gunfighter unless you were one when you came, but you'll learn invaluable defensive tactical survival skills.
150 rounds. Three hours. $65 per hour. 10% senior discount (over 65, must request in advance). Rental guns and ammo are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis at an additional charge. Get your Oregon Concealed Handgun License training certificate for $35 extra.
TO REGISTER: Send an e-mail to firearmsinstructor1@gmail.com. Say that you want the Fundamentals to Fighting Skills course on this date.You will receive an e-invoice which you can pay on line to register and reserve your place. After you register, we will send you instructions and directions.