Title: CANCELLEDARPC Basic Handgun Course, including OR only CHL
Pre-Class Registration Required
Meet in NRC
Bay 1
Description: ARPC Basic Handgun Course, including OR only CHL
Pre-Class Registration Required
Meet in NRC
Bay 1
Jim Gallant

About this course:
The ARPC is offering a BASIC handgun course intended for people over age 18, who have had little, if any, previous firearm training. It also may be useful for a prior shooter with little or no formal training who wishes to improve their skills and knowledge base. This course is open to the public. The curriculum is patterned after the NRA Beginning Handgun Course. For those who are interested, this class will satisfy the Oregon requirement for a concealed handgun license. Those wanting a certificate of completion to submit to your county sheriff for an Oregon only concealed carry application will be given one at the end of class. This class will not satisfy the UTAH CFP, which requires a different class (please see our calendar for the combined Oregon/Utah class). The class is three hours in duration: one hour classroom, one hour dry fire, and one hour live fire. The goal is safety and handgun familiarity rather than marksmanship. Class fee is $40 and is open to ARPC members or non-members alike. Those wishing to add the OREGON ONLY certificate will have an additional $10 fee. Students must use our range guns (mostly Glocks) and must use our factory ammunition. Payment is obtained online by visiting the EventBrite link below, and is required in advance and is non-refundable. We anticipate each participant to fire 50 rounds. We will review:

Safety rules
Storage and transportation of firearms
Discuss handgun types
Magazines and loaders
Ammunition choices
The use of handgun sights
What to expect at the range
Range commands
The five items you need at the range besides the firearm
The seven fundamentals of shooting
Shooting positions
Common shooting errors
Cleaning your gun
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