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ARPC Basic Handgun Course, including OR only CHL
Pre-Class Registration Required
Meet in NRC
Bay 1



Title: ARPC Basic Handgun Course, including OR only CHL
Pre-Class Registration Required
Meet in NRC
Bay 1
Description: ARPC Basic Handgun Course, including OR only CHL
Pre-Class Registration Required
Meet in NRC
Bay 1
Jim Gallant

About this course:
The Basic Handgun class at ARPC is taught by experienced NRA certified firearms instructors with a focus on handgun familiarity and safety. This four (4) hour class will be held on the 1st Saturday and 2nd Sunday of each month. The class can be cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled class if there is insufficient attendance. Sign up and payment is done online. There will be no refunds. If the class is cancelled, there will be an opportunity to reschedule the missed class or take part in the next scheduled class. Class fee is $50 and includes a dated and signed certificate that allows the participant to apply for an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. No calls and No shows are non-refundable, but if you let us know at least 48 hours ahead of time that you are unable to attend, we can place you in another class. Students will bring their own firearm and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. The firearm will be function checked by the instructor prior to class. Those without firearms or ammunition may rent an ARPC firearm (typically a Glock, though others are available for those with weaker hands or who are left handed) for a fee of $5 for the rental and current market replacement cost for 50 rounds of ammunition. You will need to bring hearing and eye protection. We advise doubling up on ear pro by using both ear plugs as well as muffs. We will have ear plugs and eye pro available to loan or use for those who may need them. We try to keep the class size at a capacity of ten (10) or less, and we will have assistant instructors to maintain a ratio of one RSO per every 2 shooters. There are no prerequisites to this class, and the intent is to provide up to date training for those with little or no shooting experience. We have had experienced shooters of many years, who have had no formal training, benefit from taking this class. You may take this class more than once. It is suggested that you dress in layers to meet whatever weather conditions are current at the time of class. We advise caps, and clothing that is closed at the neck to minimize the risk of hot brass travelling to places that are sensitive. We will cover the following curriculum:
Safety rules
Storage and transportation of firearms
Discuss handgun types
Magazines and loaders
Ammunition choices
The use of handgun sights
What to expect at the range
Range commands
The five items you need at the range besides the firearm
The seven fundamentals of shooting
Shooting positions
Common shooting errors
Cleaning your gun Class is held in the ARPC North Range Classroom (NRC) and Bay 1
The link to Eventbrite will allow you to register and pay for the selected date. Please print out your ticket and bring to class. Should you have any questions, please contact the Chief Instructor: Jim Gallant ARPC Chief Instructor, (541) 740-7635, classes@arpc.info

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