Title: High Power
Description: High Power
MR This year ARPC rifle matches will start Saturday, June 18th, followed by match dates July 23rd and August 20th . Starting at 8am we will have an early bird Garand/Vintage/Military rifle match. It will consist of a non-registered CMP 35 round military rifle course, reduced to 100 yards. A High power match will immediately follow and start at 9am. The High Power match is an 88 round course reduced to 100 yards. The match fee is $2 for the CMP match and $10 for the High power match. The match fee covers our target costs. A limited supply of 30-06 and 30 carbine ammo is available for use at the CMP match for $20 and the High Power match for $50. For anyone that may want to save on ammo costs, we will allow either match to be shot with a rim fire at a 50 yard reduced distance. If you are not familiar with shooting positions or are physically limited we will also allow either match to be shot from the bench. The rifle matches are a good way to learn the basics or improve your skills of rifle shooting. The match is un-competitive and you will score your own target. All you need for a rifle is one that can be loaded with a stripper clip, enbloc clip or detachable magazine and two clips or magazines. Following the high power match we will have awards and recognize the shooters in each of the rifle divisions. If you are interested and never shot these types of matches, please contact:
Ben Lalonde at
I can provide additional information and possibly even schedule a time to meet with you to cover the safety rules, basic positions and equipment at the range.