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CANCELLEDCleaning Class
NRCPre-Registration Required



Title: CANCELLEDCleaning Class
NRCPre-Registration Required
Description: Cleaning Class
NRCPre-Registration Required
Shooting is fun, cleaning generally is not! But it is a necessary part of firearms knowledge and safety. This class is intended for any firearm owner to better learn how to clean their specific gun, whether it be a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. There is no one correct way to clean, as individual preferences abound. The purpose of this class is to expose the student to different methods of cleaning, from the use of solvents, lubricants, gun oils, CLP, ultrasonic cleaners, air compressors, and donít forget your old toothbrush! Bring your gun(s) and learn from experienced instructors. Bring whatever supplies you ordinarily use. If you have never cleaned a gun before or have no supplies, no worry, this class will help you decide what you do need to clean your gun. We will have supplies to borrow and use for students without their own.
Class Fee is $50 per student.

To Register for a class please email classes@arpc.info

Cancellation Policy

ARPC Cancellation
ARPC reserves the right to cancel classes 48 hours prior to a class. We will notify Students via email of the cancellation. All students who have paid in full will be given the option of rescheduling to another date or a full refund.

Student Cancellation
A student can request a different class date then their originally scheduled class date up to 72 hours prior to the class. All change requests must be made by email to Classes@arpc.info
Any changes made within 72 hours of the class will forfeit class fees
Students may receive a 75% refund if requested up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled class. All refund requests must be made by email to Classes@arpc.info
Any Cancellations made within 72 hours of the class will forfeit class fees.
No Shows & No Email
If you donít email or are a No Show, all Class funds will be forfeited and you will be unable to reschedule the class. You may sign up for another class but will be starting over. Any additional supplies purchased through ARPC for the class i.e; Ammo or First Aid Kit, will be refunded at 75% of Purchased cost.